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3D Maya Tutorials

     Welcome to 3D Maya Tutorials! This is a site dedicated to the rare tutorials for Alias Maya. As most Maya users know, our product is by far the best 3D graphic software avaliable, but the high price of it leaves little room for the average person to take up Maya. As a result, those few budding CG artists who step up to the challenge are left without a resource to turn to. If the previous sentance just described your life, this is your new homepage.

     You can check out our Maya tutorial section, as we released our debut tutorial earlier this month with the release of Maya Tutorials. Our resources section has been built to house all of the materials needed for tutorials, or any shader or MEL script that took us a while to make. The links section can point you in the right direction towards other Maya help and inspiration, and you can contact the site staff for any question or concerns you have about the tutorials. Requests for tutorials are accepted and invited. Keep on CG'ing!

     A render of our Maya tutorial for the l_glass shader is shown below:  

Example of the l_glass Shader for mental ray